Author Guidelines


  1. Articles are original products that have never been published in any media.
  2. Articles can be in the form of conceptual thinking or research results related to Islamic
  3. Articles are written in Indonesian, English or Arabic that are good and correct.
  4. Articles are typed with font Garamond size 12 pts with 1.5 line spacing, A4 paper size in format (Microsoft Word: Rtf, Doc, Docx). The writing length is between 15-30 pages or 5000-9000 words
  5. Author's name (without title and rank), institution's address (below the title) and email (below the institution's address)
  6. Articles are submitted in the form of soft copy, to email, no later than two months before being published, or directly submit online as the submissions procedure.


  1. The writing framework includes abstracts, keywords, introduction, contents, conclusions and references (if it is conceptual thinking), or includes abstractions, keywords, preliminaries, problems, methodologies, discussions, conclusions and references (if it is the result of research)
  2. The title of the writing, the title of the discussion, and the subtitles of the discussion are bold and do not use numbers or letters for numbering.
  3. Abstract contains 150-200 words of the core problem
  4. Keywords can be in the form of words or phrases
  5. Articles use footnotes with the following rules