Publication Ethic

The TANZIMUNA journal was published by LP3M Islamic College Bustanul Ulum Krai Lumajang with the specification of Islamic Education Management studies. TANZIMUNA Journal is guided by the regulation of the head of LIPI No. 5, 2014 concerning the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications.

Journal manager code of ethics

  1. The manager of the TANZIMUNA journal is responsible for publishing articles through the process of editing, reviewing and layout according to the rules of publishing scientific journals
  2. The manager of the journal TANZIMUNA is responsible for the integrity and academic scientific dedication of the editors and bestari partners in carrying out their duties
  3. The manager of the TANZIMUNA journal is responsible for safeguarding the secrets and protection of intellectual property and copyright

Editor's code of conduct

  1. The editor can accept, reject and ask the author to revise the manuscript for publication
  2. The editor will consider the reviewer and the editorial board for the eligibility of the article for publication.
  3. The editor will check objectively on each article
  4. The editor will maintain the privacy of every incoming article

Reviewer's code of ethics

  1. Reviewers will keep the submitted manuscripts confidential
  2. Reviewers will ensure the data or references used by the text to support their writing
  3. Reviewers will conduct reviews objectively
  4. Reviewers will use the standard time to review the submitted manuscripts

Author's code of ethics

  1. The writer of the article is a writer who has good integrity and capacity. Articles made are articles that are authentic from their own work and based on data or scientific references.
  2. Authors may not submit manuscripts of articles that have been published or are being processed by other journals.
  3. The author of the article must show his quotation honestly against the data he took in appreciation of the work of others.
  4. If in the future the writer finds an error in the manuscript, he must immediately notify the publisher to correct and withdraw the manuscript